YT getting a mild boost

So finally my channel is getting a bit of exposure. Its not much but it something. I honestly don’t see how people just grow on YouTube without external sites as YouTube Search just doesn’t promote smaller channels in the slightest. Some of these small channels can be much better than the larger ones and will […]

Website Update!

So I’ve finally finished updating my website design. This is probably the most complete version of the site that I’ve made in a while, as I keep changing my mind. But I like how this looks and that the contact form actually works on this one. So yes, you can contact me via the contact […]

My thoughs on RWBY

Considering I’m not a great fan the anime style or genre in general, this is an exception. RWBY is a series created my Monty Oum who passed away in early 2015 unfortunately :(. But its hands down the best original IP’s I’ve seen in a while with a very unique style and character arcs. I […]